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How to Install Slotted Panels in a Garage

Organize your garage by installing these slotted wall panels to keep track of all your tools.

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slotted panels can be installed by one person
  • Time

    2 hours

  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Insert Brackets and Slide the Panel Into Place

The 15" x 8" slotted wall panels are installed by using a special clip called the "Hang Up" (Image 1). It works by fitting into slots at the back of the panels.

Find the studs and draw a line down the wall to show where they are.

Screw the bracket (Hang Up) into the stud with 8" x 2" screws.

Use a level, mark the location for the second bracket and screw it in.

Insert brackets into the slot in the back of the panel. Hang the slotted panel (Image 2). Slide it into place and it's all set.

Step 2: Secure the Panel and Hang Tools

Once the panel is in place, put a series of screws directly through slots of the panel into the studs. This will give the panel plenty of strength to hold heavy objects.

Once the first panel is in place, repeat the process for the remaining panels. The panels can stack as high as you need to go.

Put in hooks and accessories into the slots, and you're ready to start hanging items — a rake, hose and shovel, for example.