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How to Install Running Water Lines for a Steam Shower

Installing running water lines is the first step to getting a steam shower in a bathroom.

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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Turn the Water Heater Off

Once the water lines to the water heater have been shut off, you will install a tap. First, turn the water heater off; if gas, turn to the 'Pilot' position. Open the drain at the bottom of the water heater to relieve the pressure.

Step 2: Make Cuts

Using a pipe cutter, cut the cold water line a few inches from the water heater, and then make a second cut on the same line.

Step 3: Install the Tap

Install the tap, and solder all of the joints.

Note: Make sure the valve is open before soldering.

install tap and solder all  joints

Step 4: Secure the Pipe

Once the joints are cooled, use pipe clips to secure the pipe to the wall or baseboard.

use pipe clips to secure pipe to wall

Step 5: Install the Access Panel

Install an access panel into the wall behind the shower.

Tip: When drilling into tile, use a variable bit and only drill into one tile.

Step 6: Install the Steam Head

Install the steam head 6" to 24" above the shower floor. Steam rises, so you'll want the steam head low.

Step 7: Mount the Brackets

From the access panel, install the mounting brackets to secure the steam head.

install mounting brackets to secure steam head