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How to Install Recessed Cabinets

These low-profile cabinets hide a ton of supplies.

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    $250 - $500

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Step 1: Remove the Doors and Drawers

Remove the cabinet doors and drawers before getting started, to protect them from damage and to keep them out of the way. Instead of removing the roll-down door mechanism, just make sure it was rolled up and out of the way.

Step 2: Position the First Cabinet

Set the first cabinet into the opening. Check the cabinet for plumb and level, adding shims to the bottom and sides as needed.

Step 3: Drill Pilot Holes

Drill pilot holes through the side of the cabinets into the studs and attach with cabinet screws.

Step 4: Install the Remaining Cabinets

Install the other recessed cabinets in the same manner. You can slip a second cabinet in above the first as an option.

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