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How to Install PVC Tile Flooring

Host Amy Matthews shows how to install PVC flooring in a bathroom.

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install PVC flooring

Step 1: Create the Skim Coat Mixture

Mix a batch of skim coat to smooth out the underlayment. Combine the mix with water in a bucket, and mix until smooth.

mix batch of skim coat to smooth out underlayment

Step 2: Apply the Skim Coat Mixture

Apply the skim coat to the underlayment with a flat trowel, creating a thin layer.

apply skim coat to underlayment

Step 3: Scrape Off Any High Spots

After 15 minutes, when the skim coat is dry, use a putty knife to scrape off any high spots.

use putty knife to scrape off any high spots

Step 4: Mark the Center of the Room

Mark the center of the room with a chalk line so the flooring lines up evenly around the room.

mark center of room with a chalk line

Step 5: Mix the PVC Tile Adhesive

Mix up the PVC tile adhesive according to the directions. This is powerful stuff, so protect yourself and be careful when mixing.

mix up PVC tile adhesive

Step 6: Apply the Adhesive

Apply the adhesive to the floor with a special trowel, provided by the flooring company.

apply adhesive to floor

Step 7: Place the Tiles

Place the tiles on the floor, and push gently. If any adhesive seems up through the seams, quickly wipe it away with a soft cloth.

place tiles on floor

Step 8: Go Over the Entire Surface

Rent a 100 pound roller from any home store, and go over the entire surface once the adhesive is dry.

go over entire surface with roller

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