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How to Install Plantation Window Shutters (page 2 of 2)

Interior window shutters are decorative, but they also provide privacy, insulation, and can be beneficial to allergy sufferers.
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Attach Molding Over Frame to Cover Fasteners

Here's What You'll Need to Do:

Build the Frame

The shutter frame is fixed to the window frame so the shutters take up as little space as possible when they are open or closed. Construct the frame to the size of the window recess opening (Image 1). Dowels are used at each corner to hold the frame together.

Position the shutter frame in the recess and make sure it slides neatly into place against the window frame (Image 2).

Install the Frame

Use a level to check that the frame is precisely square. Wedge wooden offcuts between the frame and recess if any packing is required (Image 1).

Drill pilot holes and then screw through the shutter frame and into the window frame at the top, bottom and center of each piece (Image 2).

Hang the Shutters

Position the shutters. Align the two sections of the loose-pin hinges. Follow the manufacturer's instructions if your shutters use different hinges (Image 1).

Insert the pins into the hinges. Check that the shutters open and close smoothly — try adjusting the frame if they don't (Image 2).

Add Trim Molding

Clip or stick lengths of molding over the frame to cover the fasteners. If there are gaps between the frame and the wall, you can fit more lengths of molding to hide them. Alternatively, mask the shutter frame with low-tack tape while you fill the gaps, then paint the filled areas to match the wall.

Attach Molding Over Frame to Cover Fasteners

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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