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How to Install Paper-Faced Glass Mosaic Tiles

If you like the look of glass mosaic tile, it's time to take the plunge in the bathroom. It's a tedious job but one that can be tackled by DIY beginners.

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Step 1: Apply Thinset

Start by applying white thinset to the walls with a V-notched trowel. Remember to be careful when choosing the color of your thinset. When working with glass tile, you will be able to see through the tile, so you will want to choose a color that works with the design of the room.

Tip: You will see through the glass tile, so be sure to start with a clean and uniform-colored wall. Pencil marks will show through!

Step 2: Install Tile

Apply the tile to the wall so that the paper adhesive side is facing out. Firmly press tile into the wall with hands or grout float to be sure the tiles are secured to the wall.

Step 3: Remove Paper Backing From Tile

Wait for tiles to set to wall, approximately 30 minutes, then use a large damp sponge to cover the tiles with water, saturating the adhesive paper (Image 1). Once completely saturated, peel back the paper backing off of each tile (Image 2).

Step 4: Apply Grout

Once all paper backing is removed from the tile, apply white grout to tile using a grout float (Image 1). Remember to press firmly to get grout in between each tile. Then with a wet sponge, wipe off excess grout (Image 2). Continue to wipe down tile with sponge until all residue on the tile is gone.

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