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How to Install Laundry Room Shelves

You don't have to sacrifice style for storage space in the laundry area. This birch shelving will add both beauty and function to the room.

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Step 1: Locate the Wall Studs and Pre-Drill the Shelves

Note: A total of nine sheets of 4' x 8' birch plywood were used in this demonstration; shelf dimensions will vary according to the size of your space.

Locate and mark studs in the wall, then pre-drill the shelves at the corresponding measurements of the stud locations.

locate and mark studs in wall

Step 2: Attach the First Shelf to the Wall

Mount first shelf to the wall and secure screws into the studs. A telescoping painter's pole like the one shown in the image can assist in supporting the shelf during installation.

attach first shelf to wall

Step 3: Install Vertical Risers

Attach vertical risers onto the first shelf, then drill up through the riser from bottom surface of first shelf to secure.

attach vertical risers

Step 4: Add the Shelves to the Risers

Slide the second shelf onto the risers to rest on the riser pins. Place the third shelf onto the top of the vertical risers and screw it into place into the risers.

Step 5: Secure the Shelves to the Wall

Attach the second and third shelves to the wall by securing 3" wood screws in the pre-drilled holes.