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How to Install Kitchen Flooring

Give your kitchen an update by installing new flooring. The experts give steps on how to install laminate flooring in a kitchen.

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update kitchen with laminate flooring
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $500 - $1,000

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Empty Out the Kitchen

Before you begin the work, empty the kitchen out and remove all the drawers and cabinet doors. Plus, remove the hinges and drawer handles, etc.

Step 2: Cut the Floor Planks

You need approximately a quarter inch on each side for expansion and contraction for the floor. Use a sliding compound miter saw to cut the floor planks to the lengths you need. If you do not have a compound miter saw, you could use a table saw. Cut end boards to 3 ft., 2 ft., and 1 ft. so that the seams are staggered rather than lined up evenly.

Note: Laminate flooring is approximately $4 square foot -- add $3 per square foot if you have someone else install it for you.

use sliding compound miter saw to cut floor planks

Step 3: Hold the Ends of the Boards

To hold the ends of the boards, drive in a small screw. The screw acts as a stop. After the boards are installed, remove the screw.

hold ends of boards and drive in small screw

Step 4: Place the Boards

Getting the boards in place takes a little practice. Just wiggle them in until you get them all in place.

Step 5: Snug the Boards

To snug the boards, use a small piece of flooring as a tapping block (Image 1).

Tips: Use your foot to hold the end of the board so it will snug up to the next one (Image 2). To pull an end board tight, use a pry bar (Image 3).