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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Host Paul Ryan shows how to install kitchen base cabinets and installers show how to install granite kitchen countertops.

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install kitchen cabinets and countertops

Step 1: Determine the High Point of the Wall

To install the base cabinet, determine the high point of the wall.

Step 2: Set and Level the Cabinets

Set the cabinets in place and level them front to back, shimming them to make sure they are even.

set cabinets in place and level

Step 3: Secure the Cabinets

Secure the cabinets to the wall with 3" cabinet screws.

Step 4: Get a Professional to do the Countertops

Get a professional to do the countertops. The cutouts for the sink are made at the shop since the edges will be polished -- they will show with the undermount sink.

Note: Honed granite means it isn't polished -- and thus, it doesn't shine. And believe it or not, it's a bit more expensive.

get a professional to cut countertops

Step 5: Create the Cutout for the Cook Top

Use a circular saw with a diamond blade to make the cutout for the drop-in cook top.

Step 6: Secure the Granite

Add a bead of silicone to secure the granite in place.

Step 7: Protect the Wet Seam

Make a bridge with pieces of tape to protect the wet seam from being accidentally touched.

protect wet seam from being touched



  • Signature Series kitchen cabinets (model: Rohe and Concord prepared for glass/color: Natural Cherry) from Mid Continent Cabinetry
  • Granite countertop (model: Bianco Romano/color: Pastel White) from Stone Holding Co.