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How to Install Headboard Columns

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to create a tile column on a headboard.

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create tile column on headboard

Step 1: Remove the Drywall

Remove any scrap drywall used to position face tiles and the side bullnose tiles.

Step 2: Build the Base

Build out the base with an additional layer of drywall. Attach a large piece of drywall to the front of the base, and use a utility knife to notch smaller pieces for the baseboard and attach pieces to the sides.

Step 3: Cut the Tiles

After measuring the width of the base and determining the center (i.e., 4-3/4"), cut the tiles to fit evenly across the front (i.e., 6" x 6" tiles). Double-check the measurement across the top of the drywall block. This will give the measurement for the miter cuts on the metal accent tile and chair rail that will be stacked atop the two 6" tiles.

Step 4: Set the Tiles

Use a wet saw to cut all of the pieces, and begin setting the tiles from the bottom up. Add mastic to the backs of the 6"x6" tiles and set them into position. Add the metal accent piece and chair rail. Measure for each side piece and cut with a wet saw. Butter the backs with mastic, and position them -- making sure the mitered corners are aligned.

make sure mitered corners are aligned

Step 5: Add Strips

Since the capitals are the focal points of the columns, the areas should be more pronounced than the bases. Build up all three sides with 1/2" drywall, and add some additional 1-1/2" strips along the top.

Step 6: Cut the Pieces

Take all three measurements along the face of the capital and cut the pieces using the wet saw. Make miter cuts on the quarter round and check angles for proper fit.

Step 7: Install the Face

Cut two metal liners for the face. (In this example, the medallion is cut away and the plain section is used. This will keep the medallions from being centered over one another when the tile is set.) Straight cut one end, and cut the other ends at a 45-degree miter. For the next layer, center the medallion and cut miters on both ends of a single piece.

Step 8: Set the Bullnose Tiles

Cut the chair rail pieces. Cut the bullnose tile and miter the ends for the very top. Add mastic to the pieces and begin setting, working from the bottom to top. The top piece will rest atop the strip of drywall.

Step 9: Set the Chair Rail

Set the chair rail on the built-up section of the drywall, and set the face of the capital.

set chair rail on built up drywall

Step 10: Set the Capital

Measure the side pieces that will return toward the wall. Cut and set the tile on both sides of the capital. Finally, install the cap created from the bullnose tile.

set tile on both sides of the capital