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How to Install Hardware for a Carriage-Style Garage Door

Add style to your garage door with these easy steps. Learn the specifics of attaching a carriage-style door.

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carriage style garage doors add style to home
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $1,000 - $2,500

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Replace the Weather Stripping with a Matching Cedar

Measure the stop and weather stripping (Image 1).

Then, using a hacksaw, cut the piece to size. Trim excess vinyl stripping with a utility knife.

Now, tack it into place (Image 2). Do this because once the door is installed, you will be able to easily adjust it for a tighter seal.

Step 2: Add the Hardware

Next, screw in all of the hardware that goes with the garage door. Begin by drilling your pilot holes, and then fasten the lag screws (Image 1).

The lag screws are red as a warning (Image 2). Removing these bolts once the door is installed is very dangerous.

Measure for the placement of the first hinge. Use a speed square to mark where the center holes on the hinges need to line up. Drill another pilot hole, and then fasten it in place with a lag screw (Image 3).

Once all of the hardware is on the first section, center the bottom section in the door opening (Image 4).

Next, make sure the bottom section is perfectly level so the rest of the panels will fit properly and also be level (Image 5).

Step 3: Add the Panels

Tack the panel to the side jamb to hold the panels in place until you’re ready to install the tracks.

Add the next panel and position it so the grooves of the sections line up (Image 1).

Tie the two sections together by lining up the hinges from the bottom section and attaching them to the second section (Image 2).