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How to Install Glass Blocks in a Bathroom Wall

Add privacy to a bathroom by installing glass blocks in the wall.

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Step 1: Create the Glass Block Design

Measure the wall hole area and create the design for the glass block insert. In our case, it was three glass blocks, 8"x 8"x 4" deep, to create a 24" long rectangular insert.

Step 2: Build a Frame

Straight-cut the lumber to the measured opening, and build a frame around the glass block.

Step 3: Attach the Glass Block Channels to the Frame

Miter-cut the glass block installation channels. Use short screws to attach each glass block channel to each side of the wood frame.

attach glass block channel to wood frame

Step 4: Blend the Screws With the Channel

Use your fingertip to dab paint onto the screws to make them blend with the surrounding channel.

blend screws with channel

Step 5: Attach the Frame Pieces

Attach one vertical side frame piece to the bottom frame piece using wood screws at the corner.

attach the frame pieces

Step 6: Install the Glass Blocks

Position the glass block in the bottom channel and snug it up to the side frame piece. Install other glass blocks, inserting a spacer between each.

Step 7: Attach Vertical Frame Piece

Using wood screws, attach the other vertical side frame piece at the end, tightly against the blocks.

attach vertical frame piece

Step 8: Attach the Top of the Frame

Attach the top of the frame using wood screws.

Step 9: Position the Insert

To install the entire framed glass block insert into the wall area, first position the insert. Adjust so it's flush with the wall and check for level and plumb. Add shims as needed along the bottom and top.

install entire framed glass block insert into wall

Step 10: Secure the Insert

Secure the insert with screws or nails. Drive the screws or nails directly into the shims and along the top and bottom surfaces.

Step 11: Attach the Trim to the Wall

Measure and cut wood trim or molding. Apply construction adhesive to the back of each trim board and attach to the wall with nails or screws.

attach trim to wall

Step 12: Apply the Acrylic or Latex Caulk

Use paintable acrylic or latex caulk to caulk around wood trim edges and wood frame gaps.

Step 13: Apply the Clear Silicone Caulk

Apply clear silicone caulk between the glass blocks.

apply clear silicone caulk between glass block

Step 14: Paint the Trim and Frame

To finish, paint the trim and frame.