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How to Install Gas Logs in a Fireplace

These step-by-step instructions will walk you through installing gas logs in your home fireplace.

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stack ceramic logs on grate
  • Time

    1 hour

  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Ready the Burner Pan

Turn off the gas at the fireplace valve.

Cap off the burner pan on the end farthest from the gas outlet. Wrap Teflon tape or paste around the threads, and screw on the cap.

Connect the safety valve to the other side of the burner pan (closest to the gas outlet), using Teflon tape as before.

Step 2: Attach the Supply Line and Gas Outlet

Hold the gas-supply outlet steady with pliers or a wrench, and use another wrench to remove the cap.

Attach the supply-line elbow to the gas outlet, using Teflon tape on the pipe threads (Image 1).

Attach a flexible supply line from the gas outlet to the safety valve (Image 2). Make sure the supply line is rated for use inside a fireplace. To make the supply line less noticeable, apply heat-resistant paint to it.

Step 3: Test the Gas Line and Reattach Parts

Turn on the gas, and spread liberal amounts of soapy water over all the gas-line connections. If you see active bubbling, turn off the gas, fix the leak and check for leaks again.

test gas line with soapy water

Step 4: Attach Various Parts

Attach the pilot assembly and diverter bracket to the burner pan.

Cover the safety valve with a heat shield.

Step 5: Install the Sand, Rock and Logs

Pour sand (supplied with gas logs) evenly over the burner pan (Image 1). This will make the flames more consistent and reduce the hiss from the gas. Make sure you don't cover the pilot light.

Place rock wool and vermiculite (usually supplied with the gas-log kit) over the sand (Image 2). These look like burning embers when heated.

Pour lava rock (usually supplied with the kit) over the entire floor of the fireplace (Image 3).

Place the grate over the burner pan (Image 4).

Stack the ceramic logs on the grate according to the manufacturer's instructions.