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How to Install Floor Tile With Inlaid Pattern

Lay an inlaid tile pattern in a bathroom to give it a textured look. The experts show how to install the inlaid tile "rug" pattern with these steps.

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Step 1: Mark the Edges

Measure 12 inches off the wall and draw a straight line to mark the edges of the inlay pattern.

mark edges of inlay pattern

Step 2: Apply the Thinset

Apply thinset with a quarter-inch square notch trowel inside the lines of the inlay pattern. Be careful not to cover the layout lines.

apply thinset with notch trowel

Step 3: Tile the Area

Begin tiling the inlay area.

begin tiling the inlay area

Step 4: Lay the Field Tiles

Once the inlay is laid, lay the surrounding field tiles.

lay surrounding field tiles

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