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How To Install Decking

Construct your own backyard deck using eco-friendly decking material.

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    $500 - $1,000

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Step 1: Build Deck Frame

Build a deck frame. Frame should be supported by posts with concrete footings set below the frost line.

Step 2: Cover Surface

Cover area beneath deck with gravel to prevent weed growth.

Step 3: Install Decking

Measure and cut decking material so board ends land on deck joists. Lay boards, working from the outside in and staggering pieces to eliminate continuous seams. Attach boards to frame with a clip fastener.

Step 4: Install Sleepers

Pipe construction adhesive in rows along the concrete pad. Place sleepers on top of adhesive. Predrill holes in sleepers with a hammer drill. Secure sleepers in place with Tapcon anchors.

Step 5: Finish Deck

To determine length and width of final board, lay second-to-last board in place and measure gap between the board and door. Clip precut board in place. Cut final board to size. Drop final board in place and screw directly to the joist.

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