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Building a Deck

How to Install Deck Flooring and Posts (page 2 of 2)

With the joists in place, now you can start to lay the deck flooring.

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Building a deck - finish the decking
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    $500 - $1,000

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    Moderate to Hard

Here's How To Do It:

Step 5: Cut Deck Flooring

Begin decking installation by cutting a board with two 45-degree angles. This will serve as the very first decking board. Take the measurements of the long side of that first board. This is how long the next decking board will be at the short point (Image 1). Compound Saw Tip: Be sure to keep hands clear of the blade, and when you're cutting, let the drop-off piece of wood fall opposite the blade itself. Circular Saw Tip: Use a speed square as a guide to making straight cuts, running the saw along the edge of the speed square (Image 2). You can also use the 45-degree side of the speed square when making diagonal cuts.

Step 6: Lay the Decking

Remember to keep a gap between the decking boards to allow for expansion and contraction. To keep the gaps uniform, insert a 10-penny nail into the gap, place the next decking board up against it and screw it into place. Place two screws at every joist. Finish laying the decking. Remember to splice boards every third or fourth run and don't splice all of them along the same joist line.

Splicing boards during deck construction

Courtesy of Lucie Rowe

Step 7: Finish the Decking

Finish laying the decking boards, running the ends wild. Line up a chalk line with the outer edge of the posts and pop a chalk line marking a 1-1/2" overhang. Repeat on the other side of the deck. Then saw along the chalk line.

Building a deck - finish the decking

Courtesy of Lucie Rowe

Step 8: Make the Support Post

Measure and notch out a support post that will attach to the side of the deck. Level and plumb the notched out post and mark around the base of the anchor. Drill to the depth of the anchor bolt in concrete, hammer the bolt into place and tighten the nut securely.

Step 9: Replace the Anchor Cap

Replace the anchor cap, making sure the outer marks of the anchor base still line up. Position post into place, check for level and plumb and drive nails into the anchor and post. Drill two holes for carriage bolts into post and beam, hammer in the bolts and tighten the nuts down securely.

Drilling holes for carriage bolts for deck

Courtesy of Lucie Rowe

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