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Building a Deck

How to Install Deck Flooring and Posts (page 1 of 2)

With the joists in place, now you can start to lay the deck flooring.

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Building a deck - finish the decking
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    $500 - $1,000

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    Moderate to Hard

Here's How To Do It:

Step 1: Fix the Boards to Beam

Place two boards at each end of the beam making sure the beam is level. Toenail each end temporarily to the beam to provide support. Determine the length of each support post by measuring from the bottom of the beam to the top of the post anchor. Measure 1-1/2" on the side of the post and mark for notching.

Step 2: Cut and Set the Anchor Posts

Use a circular saw with the blade set at maximum depth and cut along marked line. Then use a reciprocating saw to finish the job.
Tip: Setting the depth of the cut on your circular saw is easy using the gauge that specifies how deep the cut will be. If the saw doesn't have a gauge, use a tape measure or use the line drawn on the lumber as the gauge. Safety Alert: Never make any adjustments to a saw that is plugged in.

Set the notched out post into place and on top of the steel anchor. For support, partially drive two nails into the top of the post. Level and plumb the post. Trace a line around the post anchor and mark the center where the bolt will be installed. Remove the anchor plate and drill a hole for the anchor bolt.

Step 3: Assemble the Anchor Bolt

Place the anchor back into place and hammer the bolt assembly down flush with the plate. Tighten the nut securely with a wrench. Replace the post onto the anchor, check for level and plumb. This time nail the post permanently into the beam. The last step is to hammer four nails into each side of the post anchor.

Placing the anchor for building a deck

Courtesy of Lucie Rowe

Step 4: Hang Double Joists and Add Blocking

Double up with another 2x8 every fourth joist for nailing surface (due to the diagonal decking pattern). These double-up joists (Image 1) will allow good nailing surface for decking boards that have to be spliced. Hang the double joists with double-joist hangers. Then install blocking next to the house between every joist for nailers (Image 2).

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