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How to Install Crown Molding in a Weekend

Crown molding will enhance the look of any room and it can be installed in a weekend.

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nails set and holes patched give professional look

Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Get the Proper Materials and Tools

Getting the proper tools, like a coping saw and high quality molding products, are keys to success. Paint or stain the molding before installing it. It will save time and yield better looking results.

The first piece of molding can be nailed into the studs of a wall opposite a door and left square on both ends. Pre-drilling holes for the nails will keep you from splitting the wood.

The first piece of molding requires no mitering or coping and therefore will look the best. This should be placed along the wall opposite the main entry door because it will be the room’s most noticeable wall.

Step 3: Install a Joint for Inside Corners

Cutting along the profile of the molding with a coping saw (Image 1) will allow you to create a joint for inside corners. The joint can then be dry-fitted (Image 2) and adjusted if needed before it’s installed. Set the coping saw to a cut at a 45-degree angle. Some adjustments may need to be made with a file or sandpaper because not all corners are plumb.

Step 4: Place Molding in Exterior Corners and Along Walls

Two simple cuts with a miter saw (Image 1) is all you’ll need for exterior corners (Image 2). The last wall will require both ends of the molding to be coped before you can slip it into place. Once the nails are set and the holes are patched and painted, you’ll have professional looking results. When joining boards along longer walls, miter cut each board at a 45-degree angle, don’t butt two square ends together.