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How to Install Cork Wall Panels

Cork is not just for bottles of wine or message boards, it can also be used as attractive wall paneling.

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  • Time


  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Prepare the Cork Pieces

Start by measuring the area to be covered with cork, then cut cork pieces and dry fit to the wall.

Step 2: Spread Adhesive

Spread adhesive over the tempered board. Make sure to cover the entire area so pocket holes don’t form once the cork is attached.

Step 3: Attach the Cork to the Board

Place the cork over the tempered board. Position so one side is flush to make it easier to cut the excess cork off. Flip the board over and tape down the flush sides of the cork to the tempered board.

Step 4: Remove Excess Cork

Remove the excess cork with a utility knife and then tape the remaining sides to the board. Place the board into place and attach with 3/4-inch brads.

Step 5: Add Trim

Place 1/2-inch trim around the border and the seams of the cork boards and attach with 1-inch brads.