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How to Install Canopy Beams

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to install canopy beams, soffit and trim for a portico.

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Step 1: Secure the Plywood

To give the beams something to attach to, notch a piece of 1/4" plywood cut to fit the bottom of the canopy. Mark the locations of the canopy joists onto the soffit. Raise the plywood into position and secure it with a brad nailer.

close the beam

Step 2: Install the Boards

To create the beams, measure in 3/4" from all sides of the canopy and strike a chalk line. Install 2 x 6 boards along these lines (image 1). Install blocking against the house for the end of the beam (image 2).

Step 3: Install the Beams

Use treated lumber for the beams because it will come into contact with masonry. Pre-drill the masonry, and install the beams with corrosion-resistant screws.

Step 4: Create a Decorative Beam

To create the decorative beam, wrap the brace with 1 x 8 boards. Measure for the inside boards, make the cut and attach them to 2 x 6 blocking with a trim nailer.

create the decorative beam

Step 5: Wrap the Outside

To wrap the outside, miter cut the corners of the boards and add wood glue to the corners. Slide them into the space between the canopy and braces.

Step 6: Close the Beam

To close the beam, measure and cut 45-degree corners on the face of the boards and nail them into place.

raise plywood into position and secure

Step 7: Create the Outside Trim

Begin on the sides to create the outside trim. Measure 3" from the ends and make a mark.

Step 8: Cut the Trim Molding

Cut 1" trim molding to length with 45-degree mitered ends.

Step 9: Attach the Top Trim

Rest the first piece against the bottom edge of the 1 x 8 that overhangs the beam. Attach it to the face using a brad nailer. Add the top trim that rests against the bottom edge of the copper canopy.

add top trim to edge of copper canopy

Step 10: Create a Box Design

Measure between the top and bottom pieces of trim and cut vertical pieces to create a box design. Repeat the process for the front. Use 2-1/2" crown molding to finish the inside top corners.