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How to Install Cabinet Doors and Drawers

We repainted kitchen cabinets then attached new hinges, assembled the drawer fronts and added new hardware. See how we did it.

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    $250 - $500

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    Easy to Moderate

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Attach the Hinges

To attach the hinges, line up the hinge with the corner of the door and mark with a pencil (Image 1). Move the hinge down to the mark and that's where you'll screw in the hinge -- one hinge-length away from the corner. Screw in the three holes, but start with the center hole first so the hinge will align properly. Use a vix bit (Image 2) to make the pilot holes for the screws so it doesn't drill too deep. Once the pilot holes are done, it's time to screw in the hinges.

Attach the New Doors

Line up the door inside of the opening and center, and pull the door all the way to the left. Screw in the hinges (top hinges first, so you're not fighting gravity) to the cabinets.

replacing hinges update kitchen cabinets

Rework the Old Drawer Fronts

Use a jig template to find the center of drawer front and mark it. Place the jig along the line to ensure that the holes are lined up. Make marking holes with the drill bit. If the hardware is too big, you'll need to drill a countersink hole with a bigger bit (mark the drill bit with tape -- Image 2 -- to prevent drilling too deep).

Screw the handles in place. Attach the drawer front by marking three spots on the drawer, and make sure you avoid the hardware. Drill countersink holes. Drill the screw holes, line up and attach the drawer front. Finish the rest of the drawer fronts and attach.