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How to Install Bermuda Shutters and a Fence

Sprucing up your front yard can be as simple as installing bermuda shutters and a fence.

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Step 1: Apply the Stain

Stain the shutters to let the grain show through. Use a water-based stain for easy clean-up and apply the stain in the direction of the grain.

Step 2: Attach the Hinges

Attach one butt hinge for every 12 inches of shutter width.

Step 3: Center and Level the Shutters

Center the shutter on the window opening so that an equal amount on all four sides overlaps the casement. Check the level of the shutters.

Step 4: Mark Holes

Swing the small plate of the hinges up so they are lying on the face of the upper part of the casement. Mark holes on the casement.

Step 5: Mount the Hinges

Drill pilot holes in the shutter and mount the hinges about three inches from the outside of the shutter. Center a third hinge, if used.

Step 6: Mark the Staple and Hook Locations

A hook and staples are needed on the bottom to open the shutters. Swing the shutter to the desired open position to determine where the ends of the hook and staple rod should be mounted. Establish the location of the mounting points by holding the hook and staple rod up to the side of the shutter stile and the face of the side of the window casement. Mark those locations with a pencil.

Step 7: Attach the Shutters

Drill small pilot holes and hammer the staples into the casement and the shutter. Remember that you are putting the staples in the side of the shutter.

Step 8: Dig and Fill the Holes for the Fence

Installing a fence can be tricky in sandy soil. Dig holes about 2-1/2 feet deep and six inches wider than the posts. Fill the bottom of the hole with crushed stone and tamp down.

Step 9: Place the Fence Post

Put the fence post in and level it. Finish with quick-setting concrete or with soil to hold it properly in sandy soil.