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How to Install Bathroom Lights and Medicine Cabinets

Add the finishing touches to an Art Deco bathroom by installing lights and medicine cabinets.

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Step 1: Install the Light Fixtures

A special mounting ring is screwed into the electrical box. The base then attaches to the mounting ring and after making the proper wiring connections, the light fixture clips right on.

installing light fixtures

Step 2: Install the Medicine Cabinets

In keeping with the period detail, the homeowners chose crystal knobs. To make life easy, use a jig (Image 1) which allows you to drill in the same position each time.

To attach the medicine cabinets to exterior walls you need to insulate with a piece of foam board. Secure it with a bead of silicone around the edges (Image 2) to hold it in place and create a vapor barrier seal.

Set the frame, making sure it is level, and then use a pin nailer to secure it to the 2x4 framing inside the wall. The cabinets came unfinished and were finished to match the rest of the bathroom.

Step 3: Install the Glass Panel

The finishing touch is to install the glass panel. Set the panel in place and then run a bead of silicone along the edges to seal channels when done.

Note: Put hard rubber pads in metal channels to prevent the glass from breaking.

installing glass panel is finishing touch

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