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How to Install Bamboo Plank Flooring (page 2 of 2)

Bamboo, an environmentally conscious material because it regrows quickly, can add contemporary style to any room remodeling project.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Vary the Length of the First Board

Vary the length of the first board installed in a new row so that seams do not line up on adjacent rows. If all the seams were in one straight line, the seams would be weak and the tongues would eventually break when walked on—and it would not look as good.

double check that the boards are running straight

Remove the Batten Board

Once a few rows are laid down remove the batten board and insert a spline so that flooring can be installed with the tongue points in the opposite direction. Make spline material twice the width, but the same height, of tongues on the planks. Squeeze a light amount of glue into the groove on the plank attached to the floor and gently tap the spline in place. Place the row of planks facing the opposite direction and lightly tap them in place using a block to protect the planks.

reverse the direction of the board

Insert the Last Row

Insert the last row of planks having ripped them to the required width to fit between the last full-width board and the wall. Use a pry bar to pull the planks into place. Nail the boards down with finish nails through the face of the board near the wall. Use molding on the wall to cover the nail heads.

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