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How To Install Appliances, Lighting and a Mister System for a Patio Kitchen

With the new kitchen island in place and tiled, it's time to complete the look of the redesigned space.

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install mister system for patio kitchen
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    $500 - $1,000

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Step 1: Hook Up the Grill

Attach the grill's gas-supply line, which has a shut-off feature, to the gas line. Always check with your local utility or codes department to see whether the connection can be made by the homeowner or if the work must be completed by the utility company.

attach gas supply line on grill

Step 2: Add the Refrigerator and Cabinet Doors

Next, set the refrigerator in the island. Attach the cabinet doors to a frame that screws into place using self-tapping screws.

Step 3: Install the Mister System

A mister system helps cool the area during the summer months. This simple system consists of 3/8" tubing fitted with mist emitters (which dissipate water) and a screw-on attachment for connecting to the outside faucet (Image 1). Misting systems are easy to retrofit to meet the needs of the homeowner. Attach the tubing along the patio roof with clips, attach the emitters and connect the tubing to the water supply line the same way a garden hose is attached to a water source (Image 2). Once installed, the emitters will disperse a fine, cooling mist of water, and depending on water pressure, each nozzle can emit anywhere from one-half gallon to a gallon of water every hour. To further cool the patio, remove the existing lights and replace with ceiling fans.




  • Tools from Black and Decker
  • Tools from Delta Tools
  • Tools from Porter-Cable Corporation