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How to Install Appliances in a Wet Bar

Host Ed Del Grande shows how to install appliances in a wet bar.

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Step 1: Install the Basket Strainer

Start by installing the basket strainer to the sink. Use plumber's putty around the strainer to prevent leaking. Be generous with the putty to create a waterproof seal, and then place the strainer in the sink.

install basket strainer to sink

Step 2: Place Gaskets Around the Strainer

Place the rubber gasket and fiber gasket followed by the locking ring around the base of the strainer. Use a strainer wrench to tighten everything up firmly.

place gaskets around strainer

Step 3: Remove Excess Putty

Remove any excess putty.

Step 4: Install the Faucet

To install the faucet, use the gasket that comes with the faucet or use plumber's putty to seal the faucet. Slide the supply lines through the hole and mount the faucet to the sink per the manufacturer's instructions.

install the faucet

Step 5: Install the Fixtures

When it comes time to actually installing the fixtures, start off with the easy ones first such as a refrigerator.

Step 6: Connect the Power Supply

To run the power supply, use a drill with a paddle bit to drill holes through the existing cabinets. Once the power supply is connected, simply slide the unit into place.

drill holes through existing cabinets to run power

Step 7: Connect the Water Supply Line

Connect the icemaker water supply line by screwing the braided flexible stainless steel supply to the water connection on the back of the icemaker. Run it to the cold water icemaker stop under the sink area and screw it into place.

connect icemaker water supply line

Step 8: Install the Drain and P-Trap

Install the drain and p-trap as per local codes making sure to use PVC glue and primer on all the joints.

install drain and p trap

Step 9: Plug In the Unit

Slide the unit into the cabinet area making sure the icemaker drain lines up with the p-trap and plug in the unit.