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How to Install an Under-Cabinet Microwave

Your microwave hood combination will give you all the convenience and speed of microwave cooking and save you counter space.

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Step 1: Attach the Template to the Cabinet

Begin by marking the center of your installation area using a tape measure. Then locate and mark the wall studs. Take the wall template provided with your microwave and align its center line with the one you marked on the back wall, and tape the cabinet template to the underside of your kitchen's cabinet.

use templates provided with microwave to install

Step 2: Secure the Mounting Plate

Mark the four holes at the corners then mark one of the bottom holes that align with a wall stud. For proper support, the mounting plate must be secured into at least one stud. Now drill holes on these circles. If the circle is marked on a stud, use a 3/16" bit for lag screws. If there's no stud, drill a 3/8" hole for toggle screws. Hold the mounting plate against the back wall, aligning it with the center line, and secure the plate to the wall.

circles on template indicate where to drill

Step 3: Install the Microwave

Drill 3/8" holes where indicated in the under-cabinet template, and bore a 2" hole where instructed for the power-supply cord. With a friend's help, lift the microwave oven, hang it on the support tabs at the bottom of the mounting plate and feed the power cord through the hole. Finally, tighten screws in the upper cabinet holes until the gap between the microwave and cabinet is closed.

holes are drilled for power supply cord