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How to Install an Outdoor Water Feature

If you have little kids in the house, a shallow water feature may be the way to go.

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Step 1: Dig a Hole

Always wear safety glasses when working with power tools. Locate any utility lines by calling your local utility company. Do this several days in advance of your project.Spray paint the area of your pond, and dig a hole to the desired size and about 3 feet deep. You can dig by hand or rent a skid loader for a couple hundred dollars a day.

Step 2: Install the Liner

Install a rubber liner into the hole. Place large rocks around the rubber to keep it from moving while you work. Secure pump house on outer edge.

Step 3: Add Rocks

Layer large and small rocks in pond for natural look. For deeper ponds use less rocks, shallow ponds use more.

Step 4: Add Water and Plants

Once the rocks are all in place, fill the pond with water. Plant water plants, trees and flowers around your water feature.

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