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How to Install an Engineered Wood Floor

Flooring makes a big difference in the overall feel of a room. Follow these steps on how to install an engineered wood floor in any room to get a sophisticated look.

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Step 1: Cut the Underlayment

Roll out a layer of underlayment material and cut it to the correct width. Spread the underlayment over the floor, trimming as needed to fit around corners and fixtures. Since the underlayment tends to roll up and/or move around, lay down one row of underlayment material and cover it with floorboards before laying down the next row.

roll out layer of underlayment material

Step 2: Decide on the Direction

Decide which direction the floorboards should go. You may want to align the boards to match the direction of the floorboards in the rest of the house.

Step 3: Place the Boards

Position the first board with the tongue edge toward the wall. Snap the second piece into the first, tapping it using a pull bar and rubber mallet to ensure the pieces fit snugly together. Place shims at the edge of the flooring to keep it from moving closer to the wall.

pieces of flooring need to fit snugly together

Step 4: Cut the Pieces

Cut the pieces to length as needed using a miter saw (image 1). For notched or curved cuts, use a jigsaw. For circular cuts, such as around a toilet flange, try to find a household item about the same size and the needed cut. Trace it onto the board (image 2) and make the cut with a jigsaw (image 3).

Step 5: Lay Down the Boards

Lay down the second row of boards, making sure to stagger the seams for a sturdier floor structure.

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