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How to Install an Easy Heat Floor

Tired of having cold feet every morning? Install a radiant floor mat in your master bath for toasty toes and added value to your home.

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Step 1: Dry Fit the Mat

NOTE: Electrical inspection may be required before, during and/or after installation of the Easy Heat mat. Contact your local electrical inspection authority for more information.

After electrical installation is complete, confirm that the mat you have selected is suitable by laying it onto the floor (with the mesh side on the floor) and fitting it into the area to be heated.

If you are not working with a rectangular-shaped floor, you can cut the mesh and support strands to configure the mat to the appropriate shape. DO NOT CUT THE HEATING CABLE! Do not space heating cable further apart than recommended, as the floor will not warm to a comfortable temperature in these areas.

TIP: You only need to lay the mat in areas where you will stand; heat will spread throughout the floor.

Step 2: Install Thermostat Sensor

If a floor-sensing thermostat will be used to control the system, install the thermostat sensor wire to ensure it is embedded in the mortar.

Step 3: Attach Mat to Subfloor

With a staple gun, staple down the mat to the subfloor. Be sure to not staple through any of the electrical cords.

Step 4: Apply Mortar and Set Tiles

Cover the complete mat with a uniform scratch coat of mortar that is level with the heating cables. Scratch coat should be level and extend over the entire floor area, including areas not being warmed. The mat strands can be partially exposed. Once the scratch coat is dry, set the tiles in the usual manner.

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