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How to Install Above-Cabinet Lighting (page 2 of 2)

Create a calm ambiance in your kitchen with indirect lighting installed over the cabinets.

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Connect Power Cord to Fixture

The other end of the power cord can be connected to fixture.

Strip Power Cord Plastic Sheath

The power cord from the light fixture has two individual wires adhered together. Pull these apart from one another, and strip the plastic sheath back as you did for the electrical wire.

Feed Power Cord Through Knock-Out

Slip the power cord from the fixture through the same knock out as the electrical wire.

Connect Power Cord and Electrical Cord Wires

Connect the copper wires from the power cord to the black and white copper wires from the electrical cord by twirling both together in a clockwise rotation. Use a pair of pliers for a tighter bond.

Lock In Connection

Cap off each connection with a 14-gauge wire nut. Twist the wire nut in a clockwise fashion to lock in the connection even further.

Tuck Wires Into Single Gang Box

Once all three wires are connected and capped off with the 14-gauge wire nuts, tuck them back into the single gang box and finish it off with a blank plate.

Turn On Electricity

Flip the breaker back on to provide electricity to the fixture.

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