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How to Install Above-Cabinet Lighting (page 1 of 2)

Create a calm ambiance in your kitchen with indirect lighting installed over the cabinets.

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Shut Off Electrical Output

To avoid serious injury, determine what breaker controls the electrical output to your kitchen and shut it off.

Strip Back Electrical Wiring

Strip back the electrical wire with a razor blade by running the razor gently down the middle of the plastic sheath coating to reveal 5 to 7 inches of wiring.

Remove Knock-Out Flap

Remove the knock-out flap on the back of the shallow single gang box with pliers.

Secure Box to Cabinet

Use a drill to secure the box to the top of the cabinets, preferably in the corner so it is out of sight.

Feed Wires Through Knock-Out

Feed the wires through the knock-out so they rest in the single gang box.

Staple Wiring

Stuff the excess wiring back into the wall. Staple the remaining wiring to the top of the cabinet for a flush finish.

Attach Light Fixture

Center the light fixture on the top of the cabinet and drill it down with a set of small screws.

Lop Off Male End

On the light fixture itself, you will see a power cord with a two-pronged male end. Take a pair of wire cutters and cut off this male end. For this project we are going to hardwire the fixture directly to the junction box.

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