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How to Install a Water Line Through Kitchen Cabinets

Attach a refrigerator water line through the back of kitchen cabinets with these simple step-by-step instructions.

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Cut Holes in Cabinet

Using a screw gun with a 1/2" drill bit, cut a hole between each cabinet as far back and as far up as you can. Make these holes around the entire run of the base cabinetry.

Run PVC Line to Cold Water Line

Run the PVC line to the existing cold water line under the sink.

Connect PVC Line to Saddle Valve

Connect the PVC line to the saddle valve using a captive nut and sleeve that is provided with the valve.

Attach PVC Line to Cold Water Line

Once the PVC line is connected, use the saddle valve to attach it to the cold water line.

Tighten Valve

Tighten the valve until it is snug. After the valve is in place, make sure the PVC line is away from any obstructions.

Secure Line to Cabinets

Use a staple gun and U-shaped insulated staples to secure the line to the back of the cabinets.

Staple Line

Staple the line about every 2 feet where necessary.

Check for Leaks

Pierce the cold water line with the saddle valve and check for any leaks.

Connect Line to Refrigerator

If there are no leaks, connect the line to the refrigerator.

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