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How to Install a Vessel Sink

Marble and glass top off this sophisticated vanity.

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Step 1: Line Up the Drain Hole with the Cutout

Line up the sink’s drain hole with the cutout in the countertop. The homeowners in this project had the pros who supplied and installed the countertop handle the delicate job of cutting holes for the sink and faucet assembly

Step 2: Apply Putty to the Underside

Roll out a bead of plumber's putty about 1/4" in diameter and place it around the underside of the drain.

Step 3: Attach a Rubber Gasket

On the underside of the counter, attach the rubber gasket, plastic washer and lock nut to the drain. Then, attach the drain stem.

Vessel sink installation

Step 4: Dry-Fit the Pipes and Fittings

Dry-fit the PVC pipe and fittings, including the P-trap, making cuts as needed.

Step 5: Apply Primer and Cement

Apply PVC primer and PVC cement to the appropriate surfaces and assemble the drain, tying it into the roughed-in waste pipe. Make sure to hold each connection together for several moments so the chemical reaction of the primer and cement doesn't force the pieces apart.

Step 6: Hook Up the Water Supply Lines

This vintage craftsman home didn't have shut-offs for the water supply, so we installed under-sink shut-offs. Use compression fixtures to avoid soldering near so much beautiful wood cabinetry; compression fixtures have a small gold ring that compresses when the fixture is tightened to give a reliably watertight seal.

Step 7: Drain the Water Lines

To install the shut-offs, turn off the household water supply and turn on the faucets throughout the house to drain the water lines. Even with the lines drained, it's a good idea to lay a few towels down to catch any excess water in the pipes.

Step 8: Cut Capped Ends of Pipe

Use a close-quarters pipe cutter to cut the capped ends off of the water supply pipes. Position the cutter on the pipe, tighten it down and rotate it around the pipe. Keep tightening and rotating until the pipe is cut

Step 9: Install the Shut-Offs

Install the compression shut-offs according to the manufacturer's instructions. These fixtures need to be extremely tight; Amy recommends using two adjustable wrenches to get everything secured.

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  • Marble countertop from Ichor Creative Stone
  • Vessel sink and faucet from Porcher