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How to Install a Toilet and Vanity

A closet becomes a bath in this equity-building makeover.

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Step 1: Attach the Toilet Tank

Tip: Before installing a toilet or a vanity, turn off the water supply at the shutoff valve or the house shutoff valve.

Set the rubber tank cushion onto the toilet bowl, and set the tank onto that, tightening the bolts only until snug to prevent the porcelain from cracking.

Step 2: Place the Toilet

Remove the sewer rag and place the wax ring over the sewer pipe.

Set the toilet onto the wax ring, using the hold-down bolts as a guide. Rock the toilet gently into place.

Tip: Setting drinking straws over the hold-down bolts can help guide the toilet to the right place.

Step 3: Level the Toilet

Use a level and shims to level up the toilet, then bolt the toilet down. Don't over tighten as this can cause the porcelain to crack.

Snap the bolts short and fill the caps with plumber's putty. Set the caps over the bolts.

Step 4: Mark and Cut the Vanity

Measure the pipes for the vanity from the floor and wall (Image 1).

Transfer these measurements to the back of the vanity; keep in mind the measurements from the wall will include the countertop overhang (Image 2).

Use a hole saw to cut openings for the pipes. Begin the cut from the back and then move to the front to avoid splitting the wood.

Step 5: Position the Cabinet

Move the cabinet over the pipes. Make any adjustments and check to make sure it's level. Secure the cabinet to the wall by sinking screws into the wall studs.

Finish the bath with a toilet seat, countertop, sink and faucets. Turn on the shutoff valve, test the plumbing and check for leaks.

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