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How to Install a Stone Paver Walkway

Pavers with natural stone texture make a great looking walkway.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Plan the Dimensions

The walkway should be wide enough to accommodate two people walking side by side. Throw in curves and plan the walkway around trees or other objects to make it more visually interesting. Laying out the dimensions with a garden hose is a good place to start. If the grade’s too steep, a more meandering route can help.

As you dig out the walkway, check the grade at various intervals to make sure it’s level across. A slope of about 1/8th of an inch per foot is ideal. Dig approximately 8" deep, leaving extra room on the sides to work. This will accommodate a 3-4" layer of gravel, a 1-2" layer of sand and the thickness of the paver. A raised walkway will eliminate much of the excavation work.

Step 3: Install Layers of Gravel and Paver Sand

You’ll need to install a base layer or crushed gravel. Use a rake to spread it out evenly and a plate compacter to compress it. Do the same with a layer of paver sand. By using matching stone and paver combinations, you can create a walkway with just about any kind of pattern you can imagine.

Step 4: Bind Stones in Place

For a cleaner edge, you can mark and cut the pavers with a masonry saw. The final step is using a broom to brush paver sand into the cracks to bind stones in place.