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How to Install a Steam Shower

DIY experts show how to install a steam shower in a bathroom.

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Step 1: Install the Cement Backer Board

Tip: Get a warranty in case your steam shower unit leaks or fails to produce enough steam. In some cases a warranty does not apply to a project you do all or partially yourself.

Install cement backer board in the shower stall once the plumbing is complete.

Step 2: Apply the Waterproof Membrane Paint

Paint the cement backer board with waterproof membrane paint. Make sure the membrane covers all surfaces of the shower.

Step 3: Install a Rubber Bladder

Install a rubber bladder into the pan of the shower.

Step 4: Cut a Hole and Apply the Silicone Seal

Cut a hole around the drain. Apply the silicone seal to the bladder to the drain.

Step 5: Pour a Cement Shower Pan

Pour a cement shower pan in the base.

Step 6: Tile and Grout the Shower

Tile and grout all surfaces of the shower, including the ceiling, to insure it stays watertight and to protect the structure.

Safety Alert: Pregnant women and very young children should never take steam showers.

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