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How to Install a Skylight in a Garage Ceiling

Use these tips to install a skylight into the ceiling of a garage.

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    $500 - $1,000

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Step 1: Prepare to Cut the Hole

Drill the corners of the frame to delineate the boundaries of the skylight hole on the opposite side. On the roof side, make out the boundaries of the skylight entry with chalk lines. Using a pry bar, carefully remove the ceiling tiles. The goal is to save the tiles and reuse them later once the skylight is installed. Before cutting the hole in the ceiling, install blocks on the inside to ensure that the roof does not come crashing through.

Step 2: Create an Opening and Place the Light

Using a circular saw, cut all four sides of the ceiling opening. Then, insert screws as lifting points. Once the roof is moved to the side, set the new skylight in place. To center the skylight, insert positioning blocks or spacers on the inside.

Step 3: Secure the Light and Tiles

On the exterior, secure the skylight with roofing nails centered on the existing bracket of the skylight. Carefully cut the existing tiles and secure them with nails on both sides of the skylight. The existing flashing around the skylight will help protect water from leaking in.