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How to Install a Shutter Wall

A shutter wall is just the thing for keeping strong sunlight out while still enjoying the fresh air.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Paint Shutters and Create a Frame

You’ll need an even number of louvered shutters. The shutters should be dusted before you begin painting. Use an all-in-one primer and exterior paint on the shutters before you hang them. You’ll get a stronger finish that will hold up to weather if you use an exterior paint, rather than spray-painting your shutters.

Use 2x4s to create the frame for the shutters. Adjusting the frame to accommodate standard shutter sizes is easier than trimming shutters to fit. Start by attaching the bottom board and continue on both sides and the top. A shutter can be attached to both sides and these will be stationary.

Step 3: Keep the Shutters in Place

The remaining shutters should be hinged together then hinged to the stationary shutters (Image 1). A piece of trim stock nailed to the top frame will stop the shutters from opening to the outside (Image 2).

A latch will keep the shutters in place. A thorough dusting will get rid of any final construction dust and debris and your breezy, shady new space will be ready to enjoy.