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How to Install a Shower

Install a prefabricated shower with these expert tips.

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Step 1: Install the Shower Pan

Install a shower pan over a drain in the concrete floor (Image 1).

First glue the first panel into place. Apply a thick bead of shower/tub adhesive to the entire edge of the shower panel, and make a big X with the adhesive (Image 2). Be sure to apply adhesive on the non-shiny side of shower panels.

Press the panel against the wall in the shower stall. Kim smoothes the panel with a towel while pushing up from the bottom.

Step 2: Install the Panels

Measure to the center of the mixing valve in the shower stall to determine where a hole will need to be cut in the other shower panel (Image 1).

Transfer the measurements to the shower panel. Use a hole saw to make a hole (Image 2). Next, install the center track panel (corner panel) only after installing side panels (Image 3). After the panels are dry, caulk all seams to make the shower watertight.

Step 3: Secure the Plates

Arrange the shower’s base plate and tape it down to temporarily secure it in place (Image 1). Line up the side plates and use a level to ensure their straightness. Use a pencil to mark where holes will need to be drilled and drill a starter hole.

Caulk the back side of the side plate and place it against the wall and screw it in to secure. Screw in the glass panels of the shower (Image 2).

Thread the piping on the glass panel to make the shower watertight (Image 3).

Next, arrange the top plate and screw it in (Image 4). Line up the door and secure it to the shower unit with a screw through the top plate.

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