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How to Install a Reinforced Concrete Pad

When it comes to an uneven garage floor, host Michael Ray Wisely says there are two options to correct the problem: build a wood sub-floor or pour a new reinforced pad. Use these step-by-step instructions to lay a new concrete pad.

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lay a new concrete pad on garage floor
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Step 1: Remove the Concrete Floor

Note: Consult professional concrete installers before beginning this installation.

Using a laser level, ascertain the levelness of the existing cement pad in the garage (Image 1).

Remove the old cracked concrete floor (Image 2). To create a landscaped entrance, consider removing the driveway next to the garage as well.

Step 2: Add Rock and Sand

Layer a base of rock and sand on the floor and tamp it level with a motorized tamper (Image 1).

To create a form for the new wall, install 2x4 boards (Image 2). Add a sheet of plastic as a vapor barrier.

Step 3: Drill Holes and Install Rebar

Drill holes into the side cement frame of the garage and fill them with epoxy so that rebar can be installed in a grid 24" apart (Image 1). The rebar will enable the concrete to stick and reinforce/support the floor (Image 2).

Step 4: Pour and Smooth the Cement

After making a calculation about how much cement will be needed, order and pour the cement (Image 1).

Once the pour is complete, use a bull float and metal finishing trowels to smooth out the surface (Image 2). Place wet set anchor bolts into the concrete -- these will be used later to attach the wall (Image 3).

Moisture helps the concrete cure. It is safe to build on after 48 hours, but not strong enough to drive on. This will take about 20 days.