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How to Install a Radiant Heat System Underneath Flooring (page 4 of 4)

Don't freeze those tootsies: Keep any room warm and comfy with radiant floor heat.

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Step 17: Tighten Connection and Mount Valve

Use a pair of slip joint pliers to tighten down the connection. Repeat the process on the other radiant loop port.

Mark and mount the valve using 1/4" x 2" hex screws.

Step 18: Cut the Pipe

Check the PEX line for the marks made earlier indicating the flow direction. Cut the pipe to length.

cut pipe to length

Step 19: Attach the PEX Line to the Port

Place a crimp ring in place, and attach the PEX line to the appropriate port on the valve. Use a crimping tool to secure the connection in place.

attach PEX line to port

Step 20: Run Thermostat and Control Panel

Connect the other side of the radiant loop, and run the thermostat line into the valve and replace the cover.

Hook up the control panel by finishing up the wiring.

Note: Always check with the manufacturer's instructions before wiring for specific instructions.

Step 21: Connect Radiant Loop to the Block

Mount the radiant block, and connect the radiant loop to the block.

connect radiant loop to block

Step 22: Connect Controller to Thermostat

Connect the controller to the water heater thermostat.