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How to Install a Radiant Heat System Underneath Flooring (page 2 of 4)

Don't freeze those tootsies: Keep any room warm and comfy with radiant floor heat.

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Step 7: Run the Thermostat

The thermostat that powers radiant heat flooring has a sensor that measures the temperature of the floor. The placement of this sensor is crucial for optimal performance. The best place for the sensor is midway in the radiant loop in the thinnest space between the panels and tile.

Step 8: Run PEX Piping Through the Wall

Leave the feed and return panels for the PEX loose. Drill two holes through the wall to get to the water heater. Mark them down, and keep the hole in line with the track. Remove the panel so the drill won't cause any damage.

Step 9: Mount the Panels

Permanently mount the last two panels.

Step 10: Remove the Short Pieces

Remove the short pieces of PEX installed earlier.

Tip: Always unroll the PEX pipe as you go to prevent kinks.

Step 11: Feed the Pipe Through the Wall

Mark the end of the pipe in the direction the water will flow, and feed that end through the wall. Be sure to push plenty of extra pipe through the wall.

Step 12: Lay PEX Pipe Into the Track

Unroll the PEX, and walk it into the track as you go. Take the turns and bends slowly to prevent damage to the pipe. Slowly continue the process until all of the tracks are filled.

put PEX pipe into track