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How to Install a Radiant Floor Heating System

Host Amy Matthews demonstrates how to install a radiant floor heating system that will keep homeowners toasty warm.

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Step 1: Install Cement Board

Cover the subfloor with cement board, attaching it to the joists with screws. Tape the seams with mesh tape designed for use with cement board.

Step 2: Roll Out the Radiant Heating Mat

The radiant heating mat is self-adhesive. To install, first decide where and how the unit will receive electric power. Starting at that point, roll out the mat, pressing the sticky side of the mat to the floor.

Note: The heat is carried through the mat by the thick red wire. Amy checked the mat with an ohmmeter before installation to make sure the circuit was working properly. Be sure not to cut or damage the red wire during installation, or the unit won't work.

To go past an obstruction -- such as the toilet -- simply cut through the mesh with scissors and spread the mat apart. Remember, don't cut the red wire.

To make a turn -- or to start a new row -- cut through the mesh and extend the mat. The mat doesn't need to cover every inch of the floor; the heat will radiate to the open areas.

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  • Electric floor heating system from Danfoss Inc.