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How to Install a Platform Bed

Give your bedroom an update with this DIY Basic, brought to you by Sherwin Williams.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Use the Base for Storage

A platform bed is easy to set up, take down, and move. It doesn’t need a box spring. The base is great for storage and you can paint it to match the furniture and accents. The bed can be made to fit any size mattress or use memory foam instead. A standard twin bed is 39" x 75".

Step 3: Hinge the Joints

If you hinge the joints rather than screwing them, it’ll be easy to take apart the bed whenever you want to move it. To protect family and pets from off-gassing chemicals, use low-VOC paint and untreated lumber. To prevent the mattress from sagging, add a piece of plywood over the middle of the platform.

Step 4: Sand and Paint the Boards

It’s a lot easier to sand and paint the boards before you put the bed together. Other furniture painted the color of the platform bed will help tie the room together. You can use a contrasting color for the woodwork.

You can float the bed on top of sturdy, pre-made storage shelves. Instead of pre-made shelves, use old kitchen cabinets turned sideways. Shelves should be recessed 3 inches for a toe-kick.