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How to Install a New Garage Door

You may need the help of a professional to get started, but a new garage door is just a few steps away.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Call a Professional

Standard torsion spring mechanisms are under extreme tension and can be very dangerous to dismantle. Before you begin, call a professional garage door installer to identify the type of spring you have. If it is a standard torsion spring, have a professional remove it.

With some doors you assemble the track first, then the door sections; with others, you assemble the sections first, then the track.

Step 3: Assemble the Door Sections

You can assemble the door sections on sawhorses. Use carpet scraps to keep them from getting scratched. Assemble the mounting brackets onto the door sections before hanging them.

Step 4: Install the Door Opener

Don’t let the track touch the rollers or the door might bind. Make sure it’s level and square. Once the spring assembly is installed you can adjust the tension.

After installing the sensors, coil any excess wire around a screw-driver. Then install an automatic door opener.