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How to Install a Natural Playground

A nature-inspired place for the kids to play is a unique and tasteful idea.

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Step 1: Excavate the Area

Before you dig, call 811. The Common Ground Alliance has set up a national public service number, 811, connecting you with your local utilities marking organization. Make the call two days before starting an outdoor project.Use a Bobcat to excavate the playground, digging out any roots and stumps and leveling the ground

Step 2: Pick and Arrange Boulders

Hand pick boulders and have them delivered to the house. Arrange them in the play area.

Step 3: Add a Border

Bend decking material in an oval around the playground. This gives the play area a border, keeps the Fibar material inside and acts as a kid-friendly edger. Secure the boards together with screws

Step 4: Plant Trees

Plant some shade trees for the kids to play under.

Step 5: Install the Draining System

With the border in place, lay down the Fibar drainage system. This will keep the Fibar draining properly.

Step 6: Add the Play Surface

A Fibar play surface is a lasting material that becomes more shock absorbent over time. Load wheelbarrows and fill the play area with Fibar. Spreads the Fibar evenly with a rake. Finally comes the best part; the kids jump on the Fibar to compress it.

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