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How to Install a Linoleum Floor

The DIY to the Rescue crew shows how to replace carpet with a linoleum floor.

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    $500 - $1,000

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Step 1: Mark the Center Point

Measure the width of each opposing wall and divide by two. Mark this as the center point on the wall.

Step 2: Snap a Chalk Line

From each center point snap a chalk line down the length of the hall. There will be a cross hair in the crook of the "L" as the starting point.

Step 3: Check for a 90-Degree Angle

Use a carpenter’s square to confirm if there's a 90-degree angle.

Step 4: Lay the First Tile

Lay the first tile in the center of the cross hair, lining each point of the tile on a chalk line.

Step 5: Dry Fit the Tiles

Dry fit several tiles alternating the grain patterns.

Step 6: Spread the Adhesive

If happy with the pattern and the layout, spread a dollop of adhesive on the floor. Be careful not to lay it outside the area where you will fit the tiles so the adhesive does not dry before laying out the tiles.

Step 7: Cut and Place the Tiles

Cut the tiles to fit at the wall. Measure from the tiles in place to the wall. Transfer those marks onto the tile. Use a carpenter’s square and a utility knife to make a straight clean cut. Place the cut edge against the baseboard (the shoe molding will cover it if not exactly even).