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How to Install a Lighted Stone Walkway

Use this DIY kit to create a walkway with a warm and inviting glow.

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completed lighted stone walkway project

Step 1: Lay Out the Walkway

Excavate the area allowing for a depth of 6", plus the average thickness of your stones. Create the walkway form out of 1 x 4s, and confirm that you have a consistent depth throughout.

create a walkway form with a consistent depth

Step 2: Add Gravel and Sand

Fill the area with 4" of gravel, and then tamp the gravel and cover it with landscaping mesh. This will allow for proper drainage while keeping weeds from growing up through the walkway. Complete the walkway preparation by adding 2" of sand and raking it level. Lay out the stones for the walkway next to the prepared area so you don't disturb the sand.

add 2 inches of sand to walkway and rake to level

Step 3: Cut the Stones

Cut and fit the stones so that you have about 1/2" gap between them. To cut the stones, draw a line and then score the entire line with a chisel. Place a board under the stone. Line the board up with the edge of the scored line and cut the stone with a single blow of the sledgehammer. Tap each stone into place and check that the stones are level.

check for level after tapping stones into place

Step 4: Tend to the Sand

Adjust the sand under each stone accordingly, and sweep fine sand into the joints with a broom. Soak the walkway with a hose and allow it to settle. Sweep another level of sand into the gaps and wait a couple of days.

adjust sand for level and sweep sand into joints

Step 5: Add the Lights

Finally, illuminate the walkway with solar powered accent lights. Easy to install and virtually no cost to operate, the lights give the walkway that warm and inviting glow.