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How to Install a Kitchen Range Hood

This easy-to-do project can really brighten up a kitchen.

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  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Install the Wall Mounting Bracket

This range hood includes three main components – the hood itself, the venting assembly and the hood’s duct cover. Begin by measuring to find the center point on the wall where the hood will be installed. A mounting template is provided with the hood. Tape this template to the wall, aligning it and leveling it on your center point mark.

Drill holes through the template as indicated for the mounting bracket.

Remove the template and use 2” drywall screws to install the hood mounting bracket to the wall. If the screws don’t hit a stud, install wall anchors for support.

drill holes through template provided with hood

Step 2: Install the Range Hood

Fit the hood onto the mounting bracket. The horizontal bar on the hood bracket slips over the flange on the mounting bracket.

fit hood onto mounting bracket

Step 3: Install the Exhaust Duct Pipe

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and dimensions, use a drywall saw to cut a hole through the wall for the vent elbow (Image 1).

Measure from the elbow to the hood outlet and transfer that measurement to the vent pipe. Use metal snips to cut the pipe to the proper length.

Use sheet metal screws to attach the vent pipe, then fit the duct cover in place atop the range hood. The cover extends to the top of the wall and attaches to an elbow bracket with a screws (Image 2).

Step 4: Install the Exterior Duct Cover

Extend the exhaust duct to the outside wall. Cut another hole for the duct and attach an exterior exhaust cover to the outside wall. Connect the interior duct pipe to the exhaust cover.

Step 5: Wire the Range Hood

Attach the wiring for the range hood’s exhaust fan and light (if provided) to the home’s electrical wiring according to the manufacturer‘s instructions.




  • Veneer for shelving (color: dark-stained eucalyptus) from Ikea
  • Range hood and flue extension (Sirius/model for hood: 120 x 48/model for flue extension: SU1 x S430L 14/color for both: Brushed Stainless Steel) from Sirius Range Hoods
  • Faucet (Helix Pontiac/model: HX1170/color: Matte Stainless Steel) from Lefroy Brooks
  • Kitchen sink (Julien/model: 0150/color: Stainless Steel) from Julien Inc.